Alfa Sorti product lines – GOODY FOODY, Racionella, Miš-Maš, Alfík

Alfa Sorti product lines – GOODY FOODY, Racionella, Miš-Maš, Alfík

The company ALFA SORTI s.r.o. was founded in 1995, at that time still under the name Alfa Bio Slovakia s.r.o.

Alfa Sortiis one of the largest producers of products for vegetarians and vegans in Slovakia. Our Goody Foody product line is designed not only for vegans and vegetarians, but also for all fans of a healthy lifestyle. Goody Foody meets all quality requirements. The raw materials we use in production are high quality, grown without genetic modification. Adapted with the latest technology. Alfa Sortiproducts are exported to many countries around the world. The company is certified to EN ISO 9001: 2015

Our main activity is the processing of soy flour and the production of soy products (textures). By innovating our production program, we have expanded our offer to include the production of meatless frozen and chilled products (Goody Foody), which take into account the trend of a healthy lifestyle and at the same time the requirements for speed, quality and maximum comfort. Our other activities include the packaging and distribution of nuts, poppy seeds, dried fruit and the production of soy milk.

We are a company that has been operating on the Slovak and European markets since 1995. For many years we have been a reliable producer and distributor of soy and other products intended not only for vegetarians and vegans. We carefully choose our suppliers with a long tradition. Our goal is long-term satisfaction of the needs of end customers looking for quality products.

Goody Foody – we are more than a Burger. With sauces, with all kinds of side dishes!

Why choose our products?

For easier orientation, we have created the following basic product lines for you:

Goody Foody – frozen and chilled meatless products

Goody Foody is a range of meatless frozen and chilled foods of plant origin (based on wheat and soy), which resemble meat products in appearance, aroma and taste. Goody Foody are designed not only for vegans, vegetarians, but also for all fans of a healthy lifestyle. Goody Foods are flavored with natural spices, extracts and flavorings without the use of preservatives and synthetic dyes. Naturally cholesterol-free.

Goody Foody vegan and vegetarian burgers. Classicor red burgers. Goody Foody burger is more than just a burger. You can serve it with all kinds of sauces and side dishes. It is ready in either 2 minutes (refrigerated) or 4 minutes (frozen). Also try Goody Foody vegetarian and vegan cuts or steaks, withbeefor chicken flavor. Just lightly fry them in oil and you can serve. We recommend various types of salads, pasta, rice or potatoes as a side dish. In less than 20 minutes, everything is done. You can eat healthy, tasty and save a lot of time!

Goody Foody gyros & kebab is popular with every vegetarian or vegan who likes gyros and kebabs. You can use Goody Foody vegan mincedto prepare lasagna or spaghetti. Vegan and vegetarian cubes into goulash, whether classical, Szeged or bean. Veganand vegetarianvegetable spaghetti ballsa la Bolognese. The vegetarian vegetable medallion just needs to be fried and served with any sauce – cheese, basil, cranberries or salads. Goody Foody vegetarian Soy You can prepare noodlesin the Chinese or Italian way, with vegetables or rice, or in a spicy way and fill them with potato pancakes.

Racionella – nuts, dried fruits, poppy seeds, raisins, coconut

Under the Racionellabrand you can find various types of nutsand dried fruits.

If you are looking for raw materials in your kitchen variations, proven by years of experience, refined sensitive approach, and focus primarily on quality, the products covered under the Racionella brand are the right choice for you.

If you rely on the quality of Racionella products, your meals, cakes, desserts and pastries will always be proof of your culinary art.

By carefully selecting suppliers from all over the world, constant quality control at all stages of the production process, in combination with a well-established quality management system, we can guarantee that you can rely on and focus only on masterful cooking variations.

It is said that love goes through the stomach. In that case, we can say that the products under the Racionellabrand are in the right hands a real Cupid’s arrow, which will win the favor of even the most lost cases.

Mish-mash mixtures

Mish-maah are mixtures of dried fruits, nuts and cereals. When packaging them, we select only quality fruits. Mish-mash mixtures will refresh and strengthen you. You can choose sweetor salty version. Mish Mash cereal(mixture of dried fruits, cereals, nuts and peanuts), chocolate(mixture of dried fruits, cereals, nuts and peanuts). Relax(mixture of nuts, cereals, raisins), Hawaii(mixture of dried fruits and cereals), Mexico(spicy mixture of nuts, seeds and cereals, slightly hot) or Salty(salty mixture of nuts, seeds and cereals). For wine, beer or coffee. For sitting with family or friends. You will definitely choose it!

Alfík – soy milk

Soya milkhides a dried soy drink – a plant product with a milky taste.

Do you have a lactose allergy? A gluten-free diet? Is a healthy lifestyle close to you? Alfik is right for you!

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