Kedy sme vznikli?

Alfa Sortiwas founded in 1999. That’s more than 21 years ago.

The company’s headquarters are in the heart of central Slovakia in Zvolen. In the industrial zone.

The original owners were first in the leased premises, where they built a company that dealt with the processing and packaging of dried fruits and also initially produced very high quality crunches.

In its own extrusion.

Čo bolo významné za posledné roky vo Vašej spoločnosti Alfa Sorti?

In February 2020, Alfa Sorti was taken over by a new owner.

With his arrival, the whole strategy and marketing began to change, which no one in the domestic market did for various reasons.

The company has purchased the latest and highest quality technologies from top European manufacturers, which has enabled us to develop new types of products.

Kde sa nachádzali Vaši doterajší zákazníci?

The main customers for vegan products of our company Alfa Sorti were exports to the UK, which accounted for 95% of our production by 2020.

Aký objem exportu v kg to bolo?

In 2019, Alfa Sorti exported approx. 650 000 kg vegánskych polotovarov pre anglicky reťazec. In 2020, after modernization, we have already exported 1,350,000 kg of vegan products, which has certainly placed us in the category of a quality exporter.

Čo hovoríte o domácom trhu a stredoeurópskom trhu?

Already in 2020, we changed the design of GOODY FOODY and created new products, which we began to place in our home chains. It can be said that we are already in almost every chain in Slovakia.

Pre koho sú určené Vaše vegánske výrobky GOODY FOODY?

Our goal is not to address a group of vegans and vegetarians, because they are the first pioneers to know us.

On the contrary. We want to offer and appeal to all terians as well as allies.

We do not want to discourage them from meat, but to give them the opportunity to be healthier. When they taste us and feel the power they can get and the loss of fatigue and the sea of ​​other benefits.

Na akej báze vyrábate bezmäsité produkty GOODY FOODY?

We process soy flour and produce our own texture, from which we then produce our GOODY FOODY products for everyone.

Ako nakupujete sóju? Je NON GMO pre výrobu GOODY FOODY?

Our soy supplier is from Serbia and certainly our soy flour is not genetically modified.

Our quality certificate does not allow us to do so.

At each entry, the flour undergoes a hygiene inspection, which ensures and supervises the quality.

Aké certifikáty máte a čím sa riadite pri výrobe GOODY FOODY?

Since our production was and is under the supervision of chains in the UK, we had to pass the BRC inspection regularly.

The BRC certificate is the highest type of control not only of the production itself, but also of the traceability of each packaging raw material and everything connected with the production and must meet the strictest criteria. We have a BRC certificate in AA rating. This is the highest possible.

Čo ostaní dodávatelia surovín pre GOODY FOODY?

Everyone who wants to be our supplier must also meet the conditions required by our production.

Týka sa to aj obalov pre GOODY FOODY. Sú Vaše obaly ekologické?

Of course, all the packaging we use, as well as printing inks, must meet the strictest criteria so that we have biodegradable materials and leave no carbon footprint.

Prečo a ako spracovávate sóju na GOODY FOODY?

Alfa Sorti has been processing soy flour for more than 12 years, which is defatted and we can obtain protein by processing it in an extruder. Total protein. In this process, all the amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own are preserved, which is why we can supply it this way. .

Pre akú vekovú kategóriu je vhodné GOODY FOODY?

Goody Foody products can be given to children over 1.5 years of age.

Soy protein is very easy to digest.

Consumption of soy protein is suitable for everyone and geriatricians, because its digestion does not burden the stomach and intestines and is easily digested.

The body receives not only a large amount of protein, but also fiber, which you do not have with meat. Schoolchildren, athletes, managers, retirees and geriatricians in particular, because their movement is usually already limited and the digestive tract is not burdened.

Aké druhy konzervácie používate?

We do not add any preservatives to Goody Foody products.

As you know, the best preservation is freezing. We have all our types of products in the frozen version, which we also offer for the retail network and at the same time for gastro larger packages or household XXL packaging, family packaging.

Len táto technologia nám umožňuje ako jedinému výrobcovi záruku až 60 dní na GOODY FOODY.

GOODY FOODY is the only one to use pasteurization in most products. This means that again it is the best and most considerate treatment of food without loss of taste sensations and overall processed juices and flavors.

Only this technology allows us, as the only manufacturer, a guarantee of up to 60 days for GOODY FOODY.

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